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Sussex Jayhawks FAQ

QUESTION: Who do we play?
ANSWER: The Jr Chargers are a member of the All American Youth Football League (AAYFL).  The AAYFL is made up of teams from Southeast and Northeast Wisconsin and are listed at

QUESTION: What are the Jr Chargers Player Boundaries?
ANSWER: According to the AAYFL rules, all players on rosters are required to reside in the member’s league designated High School District.  Therefore, participants of the Jr Chargers can attend any public, private or parochial school or reside in the Hamilton School District.  If  you live outside of the Hamilton School District but your child attends a Hamilton School you may join the Jr CHargers upon petition to the AAYFL to verify your status in the school provided there is no AAYFL team within your residency school district. 

QUESTION: Why do we need to register so early?
ANSWER: The main reason for this is so we can get an accurate head count for the upcoming season, mostly for equipment and volunteer planning needs. Football is an expensive sport and we need to make sure that our players have the best and safest equipment available. To ensure this, we need to know how many kids we have signed up to determine how many new helmets we need, etc. We need the registration money early as well to keep our equipment up to date. For example, every 2 years we send our helmets out for reconditioning, which entails x-raying them to determine if there are any microcracks and cleaning/replacing the padding. This process is expensive but necessary for the safety of our players.

QUESTION: What happens after I register?
ANSWER: You will receive updates via email with information regarding a parents meeting, fundraising information and equipment hand out.

QUESTION: What other paper work do I need to provide?
ANSWER: In addition to the Registration paperwork, you will be required to provide a current Health History Form.  Each participant must complete a Health History form signed by a PHYSICIAN.  If your child was in last year for a physical, you only need to drop off the form to have your physician sign off that they are eligible to play.  All paperwork is required to be turned in prior to starting practice on the first Monday of August.

QUESTION: How can I help?
ANSWER: The Jr Chargers is run entirely by volunteers and your help is greatly appreciated. A volunteer form will be included in your registration packet, and will describe the various roles so that you can assist in the success of the organization.

QUESTION: How can I be a coach?
ANSWER: All coaching positions are volunteer based; there are no paid positions in our organization.  You must first turn in a Coaching Application for review by the Board.  If the application is accepted by the Board, you must then pass a Background Check and perform your Certification.  The cost of these are typically paid in advance but may be refunded to you.  Coaches will then be assigned a team and given a Jr Chargers hat and shirt.   Each team will ideally have a Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator, Defensive Coordinator and a Lineman Coach. 

QUESTION: Are there tryouts to make a team?
ANSWER: No, there are no tryouts to make any team. Positions are assigned at the discretion of the coaches. Players are assigned to a position that best suits their ability and needs of the team. 
QUESTION: What are the age requirements?
ANSWER: All children participating in the AAYFL must be in 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th grade.  There is no minimum age to participate and occasionally the Sussex Jayhawks will allow a younger student to play up to the 5th grade level.  A formal request can be found on our Forms page of the website and will need to be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.

QUESTION: How/when do we get the equipment?
ANSWER: Equipment hand-outs are typically scheduled during July.  Equipment hand-out is located at the Sussex Mini Storage located at W232N6474 Waukesha Ave. Sussex, WI 53089.  Check your email for the specific date and time for this year.  We will supply all the required equipment with the exception of socks and cleats. You may opt to provide a girdle in place of pad inserts in practice or game pants. 

QUESTION: Are there weight restrictions for each position?
ANSWER: No ball carrier, quarterback, offensive back, tight end or receiver may exceed; 100lbs at the 5th grade level, 120lbs at the 6th, 140 at 7th grade level and 160 at 8th grade level.  Any player weighing within 10 pounds of the allowable weight for their grade level playing one of the above mentioned positions, must have the official AAYFL weight verification slip signed by a physician or registered nurse.  The Jr Chargers will attempt to have a physician or registered nurse available at one of the practices during the last week of August.  If this is not possible you will be required to visit your physician or registered nurse.  All participants who are “weight certified” must remain at or below the maximum weight allowed throughout the entire season.

QUESTION: How and when are Teams Split?
ANSWER: Jr Chargers attempts to make each grade level teams as even as possible. Participants are divided into two teams, Red and White.  The first round will place all siblings on the Red Team so that if a parent has a 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th grader participating, they will be able to watch or volunteer for both of their children.  The second round will place Coach’s children on the same team as the Coach. The third round will equally divide the Centers and Quarterbacks.  The fourth round will equally place linemen and the final round will place the remaining participants.  Determining factors include experience, skill and attitude.  Teams are not official until the first game of the season.  Prior to the first game there may be an occasional instance where a participant is switched to the opposite team.  Youth at this age develop at different times and the goal is to have two equally good teams at each grade level.

QUESTION: When and where do you practice?
ANSWER: Practice starts on the first Monday of August, Monday thru Friday, with 10 hours of conditioning that is mandated by the AAYFL. After conditioning, practices are normally Tuesday-Thursday from 5:15-7:45 until school starts.  Once school starts practice is Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday from 5:15-7:45.  The end time will be reduced as the season progresses due to the lack of light.  All participants will be notified by email anytime a change is made.  All practices are held at Hamilton High School on the practice fields adjacent to the soccer stadium and behind Templeton Middle School.

QUESTION: Is practice canceled due to weather?
ANSWER: No. Practice is almost never canceled due to weather. We will practice in the rain, cold, heat, or snow, as long as it's safe for our players.  Practice is typically only cancelled when lightning occurs or a significant safety risk.

QUESTION: What should my child bring to practice?
ANSWER: For the conditioning period they should wear shorts, cleats, shoulder pads and practice jersey, along with their helmet and mouth guard. Once they have satisfied the conditioning requirement, we will wear full uniform every practice. This consists of helmet with mouth guard, shoulder pads, practice jersey, pants with all pads, and cleats. All game day equipment, pants and jersey will be provided. Finally, every player should bring PLENTY of water to each practice. We CANNOT over-emphasize the importance of this. We recommend at LEAST 1/2 gallon or more. This will be especially important on hot days.

QUESTION: How should my child prepare for practice?
ANSWER: Drinking plenty of water prior to practice is key, especially in warm weather. We do not recommend that they eat heavily before practice. It's also a good idea to skip sugary drinks or soda on practice days. Once school starts, it's a good idea to make your child responsible for their gear and to set it up at night before they go to sleep. We see players show up at practice missing gear all the time. If they aren't fully dressed, they can't practice and this is detrimental to the team. The most commonly forgotten items are mouth guards and believe it or not, helmets.

QUESTION: What if my child will be absent from a practice or game?
ANSWER: You must contact your Head Coach with any absences.  This can be performed by email or a phone call.  Excessive tardiness or absences will limit the amount of time your child plays during a game.  Our goal is to have every child play in every game, but they must be healthy to promote a safe environment for all.

QUESTION: When and where are games played?
ANSWER: We play our games on Saturdays starting in the end of August with a break for Labor Day weekend. Start times are typically 9:00, 10:30, 12:00, 1:30, 3:00 or 4:30.  Occasionally game times will vary from this format.  The season usually consists of 2 scrimmages along with 8 games.  Home games are played at Hamilton High School on the grass field adjacent to practice fields. Maps of away game locations will be posted on the website.

QUESTION: How long is a game?
ANSWER: Typically, you can expect your player to be at the field for approximately 2 ½ hours. We require players to show up 45 minutes before game time, and most games take one and a half hours to play.  The last scheduled team at our home games is scheduled to stay and break down the field equipment and clean up the area.

QUESTION: Are games canceled due to weather?
ANSWER: As with practice, we do not cancel games for weather unless there is a significant safety risk. We play in rain, snow, heat, and cold.

QUESTION: Are there covered seating areas at fields?
ANSWER: No, in fact most fields don't have any bench seating at all. Ask your coaching staff if you have questions.
QUESTION: Can I bring my dog to the game or practice?
ANSWER: No, the Hamilton School District prohibits dogs on school property unless it is a service dog.  Please adhere to this policy. 

QUESTION: How is playing time determined?
ANSWER: Each player who (1) attends all practices, (2) maintains a positive and contributing attitude, and (3) abides by all player code of conduct will be guaranteed playing time.  Additional details can be found with the registration paperwork and within the BYLAWS.

QUESTION: How do I address a complaint or concern?
ANSWER: Jr Chargers takes every complaint or concern seriously.  Please contact your Head Coach with any issues. 24 HOUR RULE – No parent should address a coach on the field for any reason (outside an emergency).  If there is an issue, the parent should wait 24 hours and then call the coach to discuss.  If the issue cannot be resolved you may contact a Board Member.  Head Coaches are required to pass all information discussed to the board and will be reviewed during the next Board Meeting to ensure an appropriate resolution has been achieved.

QUESTION: Is there a year end banquet?
ANSWER: Jr Chargers hold a year end team party for players.  There is no formal all program gathering.

QUESTION: Can I get a refund if my child decides to stop playing football?
ANSWER:  Please see the Bylaws for refund information.


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